A/P Services

Ph-C0052 OM-BellTower-MAccounts Payable is the department within the Finance Division that is responsible for the payment for goods and services that University employees and students procure through purchase orders and other means as well as payment for various expenses incurred by University employee and students in the conduct of University business. We ensure compliance with applicable University policies and government regulations in this regard, and maintain records of paid transactions for internal and external auditors.

The offices of Accounts Payable, Purchasing Card, and Travel are located in 203 Old Main.

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Accounts Payable Contacts

Jason Baldwin
Payment of Essential Services
(304) 696-2211

Nina Barrett
Payment of Utilities and Leases
(304) 696-2216

Karena Burris
Purchasing Card
(304) 696-2217

Position Currently Vacant
Deposits, Redeposits, Memberships & Other Administrative Duties
(304) 696-6488

Pam Early
Travel Reimbursement
(304) 696-2489

Kim Fry
Accountant & Vendor Registration, International Taxes
(304) 696-2237

Melody Freeman
Manager Accounts Payable, Senior
(304) 696-2221

Teresa Meddings
Program Coordinator, P-Card
(304) 696-2215

Sherry Osburn
Travel Reimbursement
(304) 696-2214

Juanita Parsons
Director, Accounts Payable/Staff Development
(304) 696-6520

Deborah Ratliff
Payment of Purchase Orders, Contracts
(304) 696-2219

Questions about Accounts Payable, and not sure who to ask? e-mail us.