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Budget FY16 Important Changes

Important Changes for FY2016

E & Fund Changes effective July 1, 2015:

  • Fund 119001 is to be used for all Academic core activity
  • Fund 119002 is to be used for all Administrative core activity
  • Fund 119003 will be phased out after the close-out of summer 2015 E-course activity.
  • Fund 119004 is to be used for Part-time Faculty, Work Study and other centrally funded temporary compensation activity only.
  • Fund 119005 is to be used for Non-core activity.
  • Fund 119007 will be utilized for Central Institutional revenue activity only.
  • Fund 119008 will be utilized for Central Institutional activity only.
  • Fund 119013 will be utilized by select Graduate Programs only
  • Fund 119016 will be utilized for Non-core Personal Services activity only.
  • Fund 119017 will be utilized for select Graduate Programs Personal Services only.
  • Fund 119015 will be used for non-recurring One-time activity.

FY2015 Ending Balances
Effective with FY2015, ending balances will roll as FY2016 Balance Forward. Budget Units will be provided with a schedule of FY2015 ending balances during the fiscal year process. The list will be as a mechanism to move balances to appropriate funds and eliminate negative balances (ex. balances in 119008 will need to be transferred to another fund).

Core & Non-core Orgs
Each MU org is classified as either core, non-core. The classification impacts which funds to utilize and how certain central operations, such as IT charges, are charged to the organizations. A list of core and non-core orgs can be accessed through the MU Org List.