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What’s New

Recent initiatives such as WebTime Entry highlighted the outdated model of the Finance Division pages on the Marshall University Website. With our old website, we also noticed broken links, individuals using incorrect and outdated forms, and lack in finding information quickly.

Making things easier. With so much information within all our departments, finding what you’re looking for isn’t always as quick as you would hope for. That desire to make things simpler for everyone lead to three big changes.

    1. A-Z of Finance – This is where you can go when you aren’t sure where to go, or may be having difficulty finding exactly what you are searching for. Think of it like an index of a cookbook. Not only is the overall recipe listed, but each key ingredient is also there. As an example, the Direct Deposit form for Payroll may be listed in more than one spot, and in more than one way:

      Bank Direct Deposit Form
      Credit Union Direct Deposit Form
      Direct Deposit Form for Payroll
      Employee Direct Deposit Form
      Payroll Direct Deposit Form

    2.Forms – Sometimes the lines get blurred on which department is responsible for a particular form. To cut out some confusion, and make things more “one stop shopping” there now is a comprehensive list of all forms used within the Finance realm.

    3.Policies, Procedures & Instructions (under the “Resources” tab) – You need to check your account balance in Banner, but can’t remember if you need to use FGIBDST or FGIBDSR. Plus, exactly where in training did they say you needed to click to show the information you’re looking for? The Policies, Procedures & Instructions area will help you out. This is our latest feature, and one we’re still working to add content. If you have ideas for items on what you would like to see here, send them to us!

More Information. Based upon your feedback, we have worked to expand the information on our website, including contact information and self-guided training, while making everything clear and concise. We wanted to give you what you need, in the simplest possible manner, saving you time.

Your help is now key. Again, this website is about making things easier for you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, discover an error, or something that needs corrected (nothing is too small so please don’t hesitate to point it out), please e-mail with the needed changes, using the below example:

page URL:
change requested: I am unable to find a link for the Hospitality form on this page, is that something that could be added?

You can also bring the items in person, discuss it via phone (65224) or via windows messenger (

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