Purchasing Card

The State of West Virginia Purchasing Card Program provides an opportunity for Marshall University to streamline business practices and minimize effort for transactions under $10,000.

Marshall University has developed a purchasing card program that we believe will satisfy the needs of our administrative and academic areas while maintaining accountability for the expenditure of the university’s resources. Key to the success of this program is the willingness of those responsible for individual areas of the university budget to delegate the budgeting, purchasing, and receiving responsibility to the person or persons who make the front line purchasing decisions.

Supervisors are encouraged to review card holder statements with the individual cardholders after the fact, keeping in mind that once a charge is made, the university is required to pay the bill and then seek a credit if the merchandise is returned. Given the time constraints for payment of the invoices, each supervisor is expected to empower the individual cardholders in his or her area to deal directly with the University Accounting Office without separate approvals on each statement.

Purchasing Cards are part of the Accounts Payable Office, and are located in 203 Old Main.


 Processes for PCards/MU Training Slides


PCard Contacts

Teresa Meddings
PCard Coordinator, Policies and Procedures, wvOASIS Reconciliation,
Classroom & Self-Guided Training, Forms, Applications, Card Activation and Other

Karena Burris
Pcard Auditor, Policies & Procedures, wvOASIS Reconciliation

Miriah Young
Director, Shared Business Services

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