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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions throughout the Finance Division, in department order. Should you have any questions, please contact the appropriate department. Know what you’re looking for, click on the department name here to jump down the page: Accounting   Accounts Payable    Budget    Payroll    P-Card     Travel     Vendor Registration     WebTime Entry


I can’t see my available balance in FGIBDST. Why is that?
If the “Include Revenue Accounts” box on your Banner Screen for FGIBDST is checked, it will not show your overall available balance. If you uncheck this box, it will then show you your available balance.

Some people I see are using FGIBDST, and I hear others are using FGIBDSR. What is the difference?
FGIBDST auto fills a default program code which should be removed in order to make sure you get all transactions in the fund org. FGIBDSR does not auto fill this field. FGIBDST has more items available in the Options menu, such as Budget Summary Information (FGIBSUM) and Organization Encumbrances (FGIOENC), while both include Transaction Detail Information (FGITRND). FGIBDSR allows you to query using your summary level org (e.g. 2500SL) to see account totals for the entire summary level. However, drill down into transaction detail in summary level orgs is not available.


Why haven’t I been paid?
The reasons for why you may not have been paid may vary, and generally falls into one of three categories:

  • The PAR/EPAF (Personnel Action Request/Electronic Personnel Action Form) was not received in time to be included in the proper pay period. The PAR/EPAF tells who to pay, how much to pay, when to pay, and where to charge the expense and has specific deadlines, which are outlined on the Payroll Calendar.
  • For hourly employees, their timesheet may not have been submitted by the deadline. The deadline for timesheets to be received by payroll is three working days after the end of the period on the timesheet, or listed in WebTime Entry. Timesheets received after the deadline will be pain in the next pay period processed.
  • New employees may not have completed their I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. This form should be completed prior to beginning employment.

When is payday?
Pay days fall on the 15th and 30th in months with 30 days, and the 16th and 31st in months with 31 days. February pay days are the 14th and the last day of the month.

Why are some people paid in arrears?
The West Virginia Legislature enacted legislation that required anyone hired after July 1, 2002 to be paid one pay period in arrears. This means that employees paid a salary for work done for July 1-16 will receive their first pay on July 31 if they were hired after July 1, 2002. Arrears employees will receive their final pay one pay period after the resign or retire. If an arrears employee retired on June 30, their final pay check will be July 16.

How can I get a copy of my payroll statement or Electronic Notification of Deposit (ENOD)?
To access your Electronic Notification of Deposit (ENOD) follow these easy steps:

  • Log into MyMU (contact Computing Services if you need assistance).
  • Within MyMU click on the “Employee Self Service” in the QuickLaunch navigation box on the left of the page.
  • Here you should find the link to eNODS(myApps) which takes you to the State Auditor’s Web Page (VISTA).
  • From the Auditor’s Web Page, select Employee E-Paystub (eNODS) and then select the pay stub you wish to review.

What is the pay schedule for 9-month faculty positions?
9-month faculty hired for the fall and spring academic terms are paid for the period from mid-August through mid-May.

  • Faculty hired after July 2002, their pay checks are issued as outlined on the Arrears Calendar.
  • Faculty hired prior to July 2002 will receive their paychecks as outlined on the Semi-Monthly Calendar.

What is the pay schedule for salaried Graduate Assistants and Part-Time Faculty?
Graduate Assistants and Part-Time Faculty hired for the Fall and/or Spring academic terms will receive either 9 or 18 payments, depending on whether they are hired by semester or for the entire academic year. The first paycheck for the Fall term will be mid-September and the first paycheck for the Spring term will be the end of January.


How do I apply for a Purchase Card?
Purchasing Cards are the preferred method for a variety of spending needs. The program is offered in conjunction with the State of West Virginia. Please be sure to visit the Purchasing Card Page for an overview. If you are familiar with the program, visit the application page.

How long does it take to complete the online training?
The quizzes have a time limit of 60 minutes each for Cardholder and Ethics.

How often do I have to take the training?
All current cardholders shall complete three (3) hours of training biennially. One session of training every two (2) years shall relate to ethics. General training on specific purchasing policies can be obtained by contacting your Spending Units’ purchasing department.

Will my personal credit history be pulled when I apply for a Purchase Card?
As the card is issued through the State of West Virginia, and has restrictions on items and locations in which the card may be used, we do not run a personal credit history, nor does it impact your credit history or credit score from any reporting bureau in any way.

How long does it take to get a new Purchase Card?
This process not only involves staff at Marshall University, but also at the WV State Auditor’s Office and US Bank. Once your application has been approved, it generally takes 30-45 days for your card to be received.

Can I use the Purchase Card for travel?
The Purchase Card may be used for all travel expenses with the exception of food and fuel (unless the fuel is for a rental vehicle).

Can I share the Purchase Card with someone else in my department?
P-Card delegation is prohibited. P-Card delegation is the practice of allowing an individual other than the cardholder whose name appears on the front of the P-Card to have access to the P-Card or P-Card number to initiate or complete a transaction. P-Card delegation increases the risk of fraud and cardholder liability.

P-Card delegation includes allowing an individual other than the cardholder to have physical possession of the P-Card to make payments to point of sale vendors; have access to the P-Card number and expiration date to make payments via telephone, internet, or in person; have access to receipts or invoices that display the P-Card number and expiration date.  Only the individual named on the P-Card is authorized to use it.

What do I do if my Purchase Card is lost or stolen?
To report a lost or stolen P-Card, call 1-800-344-5696. You must also report lost or stolen P-Cards to the financial institution and the Spending Unit P-Card coordinator within 24 hours to limit cardholder liability.

How do I increase my limits on my Purchase Card?
Your supervisor should email the P-Card Group to request the increase, as well as providing justification for the request.

What happens after I make a purchase with my Purchase Card?
Transactions will post in wvOASIS and will need to be reconciled within 48 hours of posting.


I’m paying a MURC vendor. Do I still have to go through this process?
Yes, vendors of MU as well as MURC must be set up in Banner.

Can I email my W-9?
The State of West Virginia will not accept an email attachment or scanned copy as a valid W-9. The original should be mailed to 203OM, or it may be faxed directly to our office at 304-696-3289.

I’m a Foreign National. Do I complete a W-9?
Anyone who is not a US Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States should check with the Accounts Payable Office. We will need to determine what form for you to complete based on your immigration history and number of years in the United States.

Can I complete a W-9 form in pencil?
No, please use blue ink to complete the form, or fill the form out as a PDF document, and sign in blue ink.

Do employees and students have to be set up as vendors to receive non-payroll payments?
Yes, anyone who receives a payment for a non-payroll related item, including travel and awards, must be set up as a vendor.

What are some of the common mistakes made on the W-9?
The most common mistake is submitting a W-9 that does not indicate the type of classification: Individual/Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership, LLC (please enter D=disregarded entity, C=corporation, P=partnership) or OTHER. If the organization is OTHER, we must know what type of OTHER, such as non-profit or government entity. School system and church are NOT acceptable OTHERs.



FAQs for Employees

When are time sheets due?
The employee must submit their time sheet by noon on the first working day following the end of the pay period. You will not be able to enter or submit time after this deadline.

I complete a purple timesheet. How does Web Time Entry affect me?
It does not affect employees with purple time sheets. It will be used for hourly employees who completed green time sheets in the past.

What if I do not work any hours in a pay period? Do I submit an electronic timesheet with zero hours?
No, you will no longer submit zero hours. However, if you would send an email to we would appreciate it.

I forgot to turn in time that I worked from a previous pay period. How can I get paid for it?
Ask your supervisor to request a Late Time Submission Form from the Payroll Office. At the time of the request, they should also explain the reason for the late submission. The form will be sent in campus mail to your department. Please complete the form, ask your supervisor to sign it, and return the completed form to the Payroll Office. The date the form is received in the Payroll Office will determine when you will be paid for it. It is not acceptable to add hours worked from a previous pay period to the current electronic time sheet.

I accidentally listed the same hours on two different time sheets. What happens next?
Overlapping hours means that you put the same time on more than one time sheet. Since you cannot be in two places at the same time, we have to contact each department to request appropriate documentation for the time period in question. This will delay your paycheck by at least one pay date. Therefore, please be careful when you are entering your time and do not overlap hours.

I am uncomfortable with using this method. Can my supervisor just do it all for me?
No, the employee is responsible for entering and submitting their time via Web Time Entry

I do not use a computer at work. Is there another way I can submit my time?
Check with your supervisor, because they may provide a workstation where you may enter your time. However, you technically can enter time from any place where you have Internet access and can log on to MyMU.

If I do not complete and submit my time sheet before the deadline, will I still get paid?
No, you must enter your time and submit your time sheet via Web Time Entry in order to be paid for your hours. If you have extenuating circumstances contact your supervisor.

Can I use my smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, etc.) or iPad to update and submit my timesheet?
Not at this time. The smartphone browers (safari, chrome, pocket IE, android, mobile IE, Opera, etc.) are not compatible with the MyMU website. However, we are actively developing a mobile MyMU site that will be compatible with smartphone browers. Once the mobile MyMU site is available, we will send out a University-wide communication indicating so.


WebTime Entry for Approvers


What is the deadline to approve time sheets?
Time sheets must be approved by the supervisor by 4:00pm on the first business day following the end of the pay period.

I did not approve the time sheets by 4pm. May I approve them after the deadline?
No, you may not approve them after the deadline. Once the payroll staff processes the payroll, WTE still allows you to approve the time sheets, but they will not be included in the process, since it is after-the-fact. Please contact Payroll for further instructions.

What if an employee does not submit their time sheet by the deadline?
The supervisor must contact the payroll office for further guidance.

What if an employee submits a time sheet and there is an error on it?
Once the employee submits the time, you will be able to adjust the time on their time sheet. We strongly recommend that you add a comment explaining any changes and notify the employee that a change was made.

What if I am out of the office on the day that time sheets have to be approved?
You technically may approve time from any place where you have Internet access and can log on to MyMU. If you will not have Internet access on the day they must be approved, then you should ask your proxy to approve them.

What if I want someone to be able to approve time sheets on my behalf?
You have the option of setting up a proxy to approve the time sheets. It can be done from the Time Reporting Selection screen – the available individuals are listed alphabetically by last name. Note, if the individual you want to add as a proxy is not listed, please complete an Approval Path Request Form found under forms at You should also complete this form anytime you add a proxy to ensure that the proxy will have the appropriate org privileges.

Am I required to set up a proxy?
We are strongly encouraging all approvers to set up at least one proxy. Unexpected circumstances do arise, and this ensures that there is someone else who can approve them.

If I don’t approve the time sheets by the deadline, will my employees still be paid?
No, not unless your proxy approves them. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the payroll office.

One of my employees has not submitted a time sheet or missed reporting hours for a previous pay period. What is the process to pay them at this time?
Email to request a Late Time Submission Form with the reason it is being submitted late. the form will be sent in campus mail to your department. Please ask the employee to complete the form. Then the supervisor will sign it and return the completed form to the Payroll Office. The date the form is received in the Payroll Office will determine when the employee will be paid for it. It is not acceptable to add hours worked from a previous pay period to the current electronic time sheet.