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HISTORICAL FY15: Documentation for Budget Adjustment Requests

Information provided on this page, and linked from this page is for historical reference only. These processes are no longer valid as of July 1, 2015. The use or submission of any of these documents and/or procedures will be rejected by the University Budget Office.

All requests for budget changes require proper documentation justifying the request.

  • For Source (Revenue) Budget Adjustment Request: detailed description of the source that will substantiate what is to be received and the date that the funds are anticipated to be received. Please provide information that will explain how the amount for the change was derived. For example, 20 additional students are taking Lab XXX then previously budgeted. 20 Students @ $35 each will result in an additional $700 of revenue.
  • For Use (Expenditure) Budget Adjustment Request: brief summary of why the change is requested along with detailed description with amounts & dates that will provide Administration a snapshot of how and when the change in expenditures will occur.

Please submit budget change requests through your existing approval channels. The Budget Adjustment Request Form should be e-mailed through that channel as an attachment. For approval purposes, the email must include the names listed on the Budget Adjustment Request Form in fields “Submitted by” AND “Approved by” in either the “From” or “CC” fields of the email message. Ultimately ALL adjustment requests must be submitted to for consideration.

You can download the Budget Adjustment Request Form on the Finance “Forms” page.