FY13 Sweep

In certain revenue accounts, a recent sweep of adjusted available balances greater than $5,000 for those accounts affects has been executed. For those accounts affected, adjustments will be made to ensure funding is available to cover the unencumbered March Purchasing Card transactions when they are posted.

A separate email will be sent to the vice president or senior vice president of the account indicating which accounts were reduced.

Prior to initiating expenditures which exceed the adjusted available balance, approval for a release of funds to cover the expenditure must be received.

A form is available below whereby a department may request a release of a portion of their swept balance. This form will require a justification for the request for release, signature of the requester and of his or her vice president or senior vice president, which must be submitted to the Budget Office for review.

Instructions for completing the FY13 Swept Balance Release Form:

  • Complete all fields
  • Save a copy for your records
  • Print form
  • Obtain appropriate signatures
  • Date and submit the completed form to Budget Office.

A copy of the original message from the president is posted as a PDF in the Communiques folder on the President’s webpage or click here to jump directly to the message.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions related to the budget conservation measures announced on Tuesday is now available on the university’s website.

Please refer to this page for general information about the budget measures, as well as specific details about requesting a release of funds.