Purchasing Card – Frequently Asked Questions

My department needs new computers.  May I purchase them with my pcard?

All desktop computers, laptops, tablets must be purchased through MU Information Technology.

The Budget Office will sign off on budget availability on all requests with the following exceptions:

  • School of Medicine
  • Direct grant funding paid in MURC (this does NOT include indirect funds)
  • MURC operations
  • Foundation operations
  • Marshall Health

For purchasing computers, please fill out the online purchase request form located at:  http://www.marshall.edu/computerrefresh/   If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jody Perry in the Division of Information Technology.


I have been told that promotional items have some restrictions.  I’m not even sure what a promotional item is.  What is it, and what are the restrictions?

A promotional item is a product, merchandise item or gift used as a giveaway to promote a company, corporate image, brand or event. These items are often branded with an organizational logo or trademark. Promotional items do not include office supplies, classroom and/or curriculum materials or anything that will not be used to promote programs and services of the university.  Please refer to http://www.marshall.edu/ucomm/promotional-item-procedure/ for the proper procedure for ordering promotional items.


Can I put my meals on my pcard while I am at a conference?

No, you may not put individual meals on your pcard.


What is the minimum transaction charge for which I need a receipt?

You need a receipt for ALL transactions that are paid with your purchase card.


The vendor has offered to break a charge into two amounts since it is over my limit.  Is this OK?

No, this is considered stringing and is against our policies.  If you are caught stringing, your card will immediately be cancelled, and you will be required to complete an application for a new card.  If it happens a second time, your cardholder privileges will be permanently cancelled.


I will be out of the office for an extended period of time.  Can I give my pcard to someone else in my department so they have access to it while I am out?

No, this is considered card delegation and is against our policies.  If you are caught allowing someone else to use your card, your card will immediately be cancelled, and you will be required to complete an application for a new card.  If it happens a second time, your cardholder privileges will be permanently cancelled.   If you are out of the office for an extended time, please contact us at pcard@marshall.edu so we can lower your limit to $1 while you are gone.  We will increase the limit once you are working again.


My boss wants me to make a purchase that is listed as not allowed in the manual.  If my boss requests it after I tell him/her this, is it OK to make the purchase anyway?

No, you may not make the purchase.  Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with your boss.


I regularly make purchases from Amazon.  How do I know if it is a marketplace seller and needs third-party approval in advance?

Please look at the description of the product on Amazon’s website.  If it says Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon, then it is OK.  If it says that it is sold by another vendor, it is considered a third party vendor and you must request prior approval by emailing pcard@marshall.edu.


When do I need to attach a Hospitality Form in wvOASIS?

A Hospitality Form is needed with the purchase of food, nonalcoholic beverages, facility rental, entertainment and other expenses related to conducting State business.


Is it OK if I buy pizza for a student activity from a local pizza delivery company instead of Sodexo?

Not if this is during Sodexo operating hours.  Sodexo America LLC is the sole food service provider for all campus events.  You may request an exception to our catering contract in advance of the event from our Senior Vice President for Administration.  She must approve and sign the hospitality form as an exception prior to your purchase.


Can I use my pcard to buy refreshments for our monthly departmental meetings?

No, you may not purchase refreshments for regular and recurring meetings for MU employees.


Last month, I paid for something that is on the restricted charge list.  Since I paid for it last month and nothing was said about it, why can’t I do it again?

We are all human, and unfortunately, we occasionally overlook something that should have been flagged as an error.  Just because this happens does not mean that you may continue to commit the error.


My boss has asked me to pay for membership dues on my pcard.  Is this OK?

No, only our central Accounts Payable Office may pay for membership and association dues.  If you have further questions about this, please contact them at acctspayable@marshall.edu


Can I use my pcard to buy flowers as a retirement gift or for a funeral?

No, you may not purchase flowers for either occasion on your pcard.


Oops –  I accidentally paid for gas for my personal vehicle with my pcard.  What do I do?

You must reimburse the amount via check to Marshall University, Attn: Pcard Office.  Any instances of misuse or violations of the Purchase Card Policies and Procedures is documented by the Agency Coordinator and must be self-reported to the WV State Auditor’s Office.

  • 1st Instance of personal use – written warning
  • 2nd Instance – card limit reduced to $1.00 with mandatory retraining
  • 3rd Instance – card privileges revoked with further action possible if investigation shows intent to defraud


I don’t know the funding information for a transaction yet.  May I still go ahead and attach the receipt?

Yes, you may.  However, if it is audited before you attach proper documentation, it will be considered an error, and you will receive an email from the Purchase Card Department.


If I drive my personal vehicle to an off-campus meeting, may I use my pcard to pay for fuel if I do not claim mileage?

No, gas for a personal vehicle is restricted from the card.