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Vendor Registration Procedures

Step 1: Complete the Vendor Registration Request Form and forward it in campus mail to the Accounts Payable Office in 203 Old Main, fax it to 304-696-3289 OR send it as an email attachment. Please make sure that the requested information is completed on the form. Vendors will not be set up unless this form is received.

Step 2: The department may request a W-9 for US Businesses and Residents. For Businesses/Organizations outside of the US and non-residents of the US, a W-8BEN form should be requested from the vendor (additional information will be needed, including copies of Visa, Passport and I-94 card for individuals). If you prefer, we will do these steps for you. You may indicate your preference by checking the appropriate box on the form. Please remember that if the vendor chooses to fax rather than mail the W-9, it must be faxed directly to our office at 304-696-3289.

DO NOT complete ANY portion of the W-9 or W-8BEN for the vendor. The vendor must complete the form in its entirety. If we suspect that someone other than the vendor completed the form, we will contact the vendor to request a new form.

Step 3: Wait for an email from our office to let you know that the vendor has been set up along with their vendor number.

NOTE: If you have a large group of vendors to set up, such as band, counselors, or a team, please call Juanita at 66520. She will make arrangements that fit your schedule and will conduct an on-site registration.