79 – David Withers

david withers David R. Withers, number 79, transferred from Marion Military Institute Junior Collage, Marion, Alabama. David DeBord was his roommate. He was injured and was not on the traveling roster, because there was a weight limit on the flight so that some of the fans could have seats on the plane. On the night of the crash he was with Pete Naputano in Altoona, and had been in Johnstown visiting his grandparents earlier that day. After the crash he stayed with DeBord’s parents to help identify his body, since their son had worn some of Wither’s clothing for the trip and this was used to identify the remains. He played on the “Little Herd,” but retired from the team after several concussions. He retained a scholarship and graduated in 1972.

He was not on the airplane because of injuries. – David R. Withers is not in 1970 Marshall University Football Press Guide


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