About the Process

An Overview of our Standards of Conduct

Students are prohibited from engaging in the following types of misconduct:

  1. Academic Dishonesty
  2. Providing False Information
  3. Misuse of Information in Connection with University Investigation or Hearing
  4. Misconduct Related to Records or Identification
  5. Causing Harm to Others
  6. Harassment
  7. Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, Stalking, and/or Retaliation
  8. Invasion of Privacy
  9. Theft, Unauthorized Use, and/or Vandalism of Private or Public Property
  10. Hazing
  11. Disorderly Conduct
  12. Lewd, Indecent, or Obscene Conduct
  13. Engaging in Imminent Lawless Action
  14. Misconduct Related to Fire Safety
  15. Unauthorized Use or Possession of University Keys, Access Cards, and Identification
  16. Misconduct Related to Information Technology
  17. Unauthorized Weapon Possession on University Property or in Connection with University Activity
  18. Alcohol Related Misconduct on University Property or in Connection with University Activities
  19. Alcohol Related Conduct Prohibited by Law
  20. Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s)
  21. Conduct Related to Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia if Prohibited by Law
  22. Failure to Fulfill a University Financial Obligation
  23. Failure to Respond, Comply, or Identify of Oneself
  24. Failure to Appear at a University Hearing
  25. Violation of Interim Administrative Actions, Disciplinary Sanctions, or Condition of Re-Enrollment
  26. Obstruction or Disruption of University Activity
  27. Violation of University Policy or Rule
  28. Act Prohibited by Law
  29. Attempted Violation; Accessory to Violation
  30. Retaliation

Sanctions for Violating Standards of Conduct

The purposes of sanctions are to educate, promote personal and professional development, discourage violations, and protect the University community.

Administrative Sanctions

  1. Warning
  2. Disciplinary Probation
  3. Deferred Suspension
  4. Suspension
  5. Expulsion
  6. Withholding of Degree
  7. Revocation of Degree
  8. Student Organizations
    • Disciplinary Probation for Student Organizations
    • Social Probation for Student Organizations
    • Revocation or Suspension of University Registration

Developmental Sanctions

  1. Educational Activities
  2. Restitution for Loss, Damage, and/or Injury
  3. Supervised Work/Service
  4. Loss or Restriction of Privileges
  5. University Housing Reassignment or Removal
  6. Mandatory Education

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