Record Requests & Background Checks

When applying for jobs, internships, study abroad programs, graduate/professional school, and other opportunities both inside and outside of Marshall University, an official background check into a student’s Disciplinary Record may be required.

While it is not uncommon for a school or employer to require a student to give permission for a background check, the Office of Student Conduct will not release information regarding a student’s disciplinary records without the student’s written consent.

Submit a Request for Your Disciplinary History

To request a copy of your disciplinary history clearance, you must submit a Authorization Form.  Typically, the Office of Student Conduct will release a copy of your Disciplinary History Clearance within 5-10 business days of receipt of the request. If a graduate school or employer requests a copy of your disciplinary history be sent directly to them, the Office of Student Conduct will email and/or mail a clearance form to the email or physical address indicated on your request.

If you have a Disciplinary Record, the Disciplinary History Clearance will include an outline of any violations and your sanction compliance.  For more information regarding the Office of Student Conduct’s record-retention policy, please see the Student Code of Conduct.

Submit Disciplinary History Request