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Is Student Conduct Confidential?

It is understandable that you wish to be involved when your student is meeting with the Office of Student Conduct. However, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) establishes the legal parameters governing access to and release of student educational records. We work closely with students to help them understand their rights and responsibilities as a student at Marshall University.

Parents and families may call our office to seek answers to general questions about university procedures, student rights and responsibilities, and other related questions. However, we may not discuss your student’s individual educational record without an Authorization to Release Information, except under limited exceptions, including Parent Notification.

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Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

The BIT addresses and helps at-risk students obtain the needed supports and assistance to be successful at Marshall University.

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If a student accepts responsibility, or is found responsible for violating a Standard of Conduct involving drugs or alcohol, and that student is under twenty-one years of age, West Virginia state law requires the University to inform the parent/guardian of that student of the violation. Parent Notification is completed through postal mail, and is sent to the parent/guardian address on file with the Marshall University
Yes. The Student Code of Conduct is independent of any criminal process. There are significant differences between the criminal process and the student conduct process, but they are not mutually exclusive. If a student is arrested and charged in a criminal proceeding, that student can also be charged under the Student Code of Conduct. However, there are many charges under the Student Code of Conduct that do not rise to criminal behavior.
You can always get in touch with us to ask questions. While we cannot violate privacy laws, we’re more than happy to help guide your or answer general questions.

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