Learn More About Sanctions

The purposes of sanctions are to educate, promote personal and professional development, discourage violations, and protect the University community. Conduct officers will assign sanctions upon the conclusion of an investigation, and will send an Outcome Letter to a student’s Marshall University email.

Administrative Sanctions
  1. Warning
  2. Disciplinary Probation
  3. Deferred Suspension
  4. Suspension
  5. Expulsion
  6. Withholding of Degree
  7. Revocation of Degree
  8. Student Organizations
    • Disciplinary Probation for Student Organizations
    • Social Probation for Student Organizations
    • Revocation or Suspension of University Registration

Developmental Sanctions

  1. Educational Activities
  2. Restitution for Loss, Damage, and/or Injury
  3. Community Service
  4. Loss or Restriction of Privileges
  5. University Housing Reassignment or Removal
  6. Mandatory Education

The Office of Student Conduct strives to maintain the welfare of the University community, as well as to assist individual students in developing personal responsibility. The purpose of Community Service as an Educational Sanction is to help the student:

  • Become more fully aware of their responsibilities as members of the University community.
  • Develop a more thorough understanding of how their behavior affects the broader communities.
  • Learn from the Community Service and grow as an individual member of the University community.

Community Service is a disciplinary sanction that requires a student to perform unpaid work of benefit to the community, providing an opportunity for students to make a positive contribution. Student Conduct must approve community service activities in advance based upon the following criteria for Approved Service Opportunities:

  • The volunteer may not be paid or compensated in any way for the duration of the placement.
  • The service must be supervised and provided in a safe environment that always promotes learning for the volunteer. Volunteers may not be directly supervised by family members or close friends.
  • Monetary or In-Kind donations are not considered a replacement for completing service hours. If volunteers assist in the collection or distribution of donated goods, the time spent doing so may be tracked as service hours.
  • Typically, activities with for-profit business organizations are not appropriate. The service may include, but is not limited to, participation with non-profit, governmental, public faith-based, campus, or community-based organizations designed with any or all the following purposes:
    1. Improving the quality of life for community residents:
    2. Meeting the needs of community residents; or
    3. Fostering civic responsibility.

Remember the rule that “an hour of service counts as an hour of service.”

To complete your sanction, please complete the Approval Form, perform the community service, then return the Verification Form to the Office of Student Conduct, along with the required Reflection Paper.



This Harm Reduction Approach is a preventive intervention for college students. eCheckUP TO GO is designed to help students analyze their individual substance use patterns, risk patters, aspirations and goals, and locate helpful resources. The goal of this sanction is to help students make better alcohol/drug-use decisions based on a clear understanding of the genuine risks associated with alcohol and drugs, enhanced motivation to change, and the development of skills to moderate substance use.

This is a minimum 3-week process, so please begin as soon as possible.

There are four requirements for completion of this sanction:

  1. Complete the assigned online course.
    1. eCheckUp TO GO – Alcohol
    2. eCheckUp TO GO – Cannabis
  2. Schedule and attend an Education Session with the Coordinator of Wellness Programs.
  3. Monitor your substance use for two weeks.
  4. Attend your follow-up session and develop an Individualized Wellness Plan.

You will be contacted one month following the session to assess your progress and evaluate the program, we would appreciate your participation.

Access eCheckUP TO GO - Alcohol Course Access eCheckUP TO GO - Cannabis Course


Download eCheckUP TO GO Instructions