WACy first year

April Fugett


I have just celebrated my one-year anniversary as the Director of Writing Across the Curriculum.  I feel fortunate to have a WAC committee, a group of WACys, and CTL colleagues who have made my first year very special.  I have spent the year trying to find my “voice” and learning to be equal parts facilitator and colleague.  The most important part about it, for me, has been listening.  I love to hear my colleagues talking about their teaching, their approaches, and their tricks of the trade.  I’ve learned that my best “voice” can be the enthusiasm and love for teaching that my colleagues are sharing.


I also found myself as a participant at three teaching and learning conferences, all of which were new to me.    One thing resonated with me at all three conferences.  I am so very grateful for my colleagues at Marshall.  I think that I am guilty of getting so caught up in day-to-day activities that I forget how many of truly outstanding teachers we have.  Pedagogical tools that are being described as “underutilized” are part of what I would call our teaching norm.  I left all three conferences with a new appreciation for my colleagues.


The Charles Lloyd Spring Symposium was one of the highlights of my first year as WAC director.  It encapsulated all of the things about WAC and teaching that I have grown to appreciate even more over the last year.  Best practice presentations, new courses, re-designed assignments, multiple (sometimes disagreeing) perspectives…all about the teaching…all about our students.  What a fantastic way to cap my first year!


I’m excited to see what the new Academic Year brings and to find my “voice” across a new range of tasks in my new role as Interim Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.  More on that to come…