Marshall University Faculty Award Winners for 2015-2016

A hearty congratulations to the


Marshall University Faculty Award Winners

Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award

Phillip Rutherford  Department of History

Reynolds Outstanding Teacher Award

Greta Rensenbrink – Department of History

Pickens-Queen Teacher Award

Damien Arthur – Department of Political Science

Carrie Oeding – Department of English

Michael Schroeder – Department of Mathematics

Council of Chairs Award for Excellence in Teaching

Anna Rollins – Department of English

MU Distinguished Artists and Scholars Award

Gang Chen – Weisberg Division of Engineering

(Senior Recipient in Science and Technology)

Burnis Morris – School of Journalism and Mass Communications

(Senior Recipient in Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education and Business)

Zelideth Rivas – Modern Languages

(Junior Recipient in All Fields)