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Summary: Games have been used as a learning tool for centuries. Through game-based learning, students actively learn and practice the right way to do things. A project team at Marshall University created a web-based application to visually represent networking and cybersecurity concepts by using “gamification” techniques such as linear levels and visualization. The goal of

Summary: Feedback is an essential part of education to help students understand and learn from their mistakes. However, while students learn new content, there is mostly no live person to provide feedback, especially in a virtual environment. Therefore, there are many software for automated code reviews to provide feedback to programming language learners. However, there

Summary: In this paper, we present a distributed classification technique for big data by efficiently using distributed storage architecture and data processing units of a cluster. While handling such large data, the existing approaches consider specific data partitioning techniques which demand complete data be processed before partitioning. This leads to an excessive overhead of high

Summary: Real-world laboratory use controlled internal tests utilizing scientific principles, and peer review should be leveraged in a proper validation test plan of digital and multimedia forensic tools and methods. As the field of digital and multimedia forensics continues to grow and evolve as a science, the importance of proper scientific validation of tools and

Summary: The Spectacles wearable smart glasses device from Snapchat records snaps and videos for the Snapchat service. A Spectacles device can sync data with a paired smartphone and upload recorded content to a user’s online account. However, extracting and analyzing data from a Snapchat app is challenging due to the disappearing nature of the media.

Summary: The article discusses the importance of good planning and preparation in writing a digital forensics investigation report. It emphasizes the need to distill technical findings into a simple, understandable format and to consider the audience who will be reading the report. The article also offers tips on organizing the report and offers templates and

Summary: Data availability is one of the most important performance factors in cloud storage systems. To enhance data availability, replication is a common approach to handle the machine failures. However, previously proposed replication schemes cannot effectively handle both correlated and non-correlated machine failures, especially while increasing the data availability with limited resources. The schemes for

Summary: Christa Miller interviews Josh Brunty, an associate professor at Marshall University, about the importance of collaboration between academia and law enforcement in the field of digital forensics. Brunty discusses the history of Marshall University’s cyber forensics and security programs, which were started in 2004 and have since developed into a full master’s program. He

Summary: Ride Sharing provides benefits like reducing traffic and pollution, but currently, the usage is significantly low due to social barriers, long rider waiting time, and unfair pricing models. Considering the aforementioned issues, we present an Enhanced Ride Sharing Model (ERSM) in which riders are matched based on a specific set of human characteristics using

Summary: Our knowledge of online activists or hacktivists is growing, but it is still far from complete. The reasons why some of these individuals violate computer laws or how they justify their behavior remains elusive, yet one particular framework that lends itself to understanding a hacker or hacktivist’s belief system is Sykes and Matza’s (1957)