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Use Development Courses to Ready Content

We know that some of you like to work on readying your courses prior to the live sections becoming available. We can make that easy for you! We use blank courses called “Development sections” to act as a template for you to create your courses prior to the start of the semester. Live course sections are created and make available two weeks prior to the start of the semester in order to accommodate last minute changes to the schedule and student enrollments. If you would like to request a Development section to work on your course ahead of time, please do the following:

  • First, log into Blackboard and check under the No Term Assigned header to see if you already have a Development section for the course you want to work on. If you do, but you want to remove all of the information and start fresh, you can contact us for help in doing so.
  • Second, if you find that you do not currently have a section for your class, contact us at with your course name.

You can also copy the most recent course’s content into your Development section to make changes. Follow the Course Copy directions to copy content into or out of your Development section. You can find these directions by logging into Blackboard, clicking on the Faculty tab, seeing the Start of Semester Tips module on the right of your screen, and clicking on Course Copy Directions.

You can continue to make changes to your Development section at any time, and use that template course as the guide next time you want to ready your course for the start of the semester.

If you have any questions regarding Development sections, or how to copy into your live section, please remember to contact us at