Faculty Overview

Marshall faculty members have the opportunity to utilize online-only class proctoring, the most effective way to ensure the integrity of online exams in online courses. This service offers three different methods of proctoring exams for cases such as mid-terms or finals.

Options for Proctoring

Additional Resources

*Note: If you have any plans to use Examity for your class, you must contact months in advance so Examity can import your course info and make sure there are enough staff to accommodate your test schedule. This is an additional cost to students, requires a webcam, and must be declared up-front, in the course description and/or Syllabus. 

Student Overview

The purpose of taking a proctored exam is to ensure the integrity of online exams in online courses.  Some of your Blackboard courses may require you to take proctored exams. If so, you will be notified within your course by your instructor on which method of proctoring is required.  Marshall University supports three different methods of proctoring exams for assignments and assessments.  Independent (in person) proctoring, and two different online proctoring solutions though Respondus Monitor (recorded online) and Examity (live online).

Options for Proctoring (Select each option for details)

To Schedule an Independent Proctor

To begin scheduling your proctor you will need the Student Verification Statement & Proctoring for Blackboard Classes form, then;

  • Step 1: Fill out form
  • Step 2: Submit form to course instructor

Note: Upon receipt of this form, the instructor of record will approve or deny the application. The instructor reserves the right to reject a proposed proctor; should this occur the student must seek a new proctor prior to the examination date. Marshall University officials have the right to contact a designated proctor to establish credentials and may at any time request additional verification or mandate an alternate proctor. The proctor services may be terminated at any time by any or all three active parties (student, proctor, MU) with written notice to all parties involved.

On the day of your exam

  • Bring a valid form of photo identification
  • Bring all items required by your instructor to take your exam