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Groups and Organizations

Center for African American Students (CAAS)

Located in the Memorial Student Center, the Center for African American Students (CAAS) offers a pleasant and engaging environment committed to engendering the highest level of academic success for African and African-American Students. CAAS is also the primary home for the Black United Students Social Club and connection site for all black Greek letter fraternities and sororities.






Intercultural Affairs

The mission of Intercultural Affairs is to create an environment providing progressive learning experiences necessary to assist our students in the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and practices to successfully live, work and contribute to the well-being of others in a global society.





Intercultural Hispanic Organization

The purpose of the Intercultural Hispanic Organization is to share the traditions, language, and culture of different Spanish speaking countries.







INTO Marshall University

INTO aims to help students from across the world to study at leading universities, offering a range of pathways and programs designed for international students.





Marshall University Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association is designed to adhere to the needs and expectations of the excellent population of Marshall’s graduate students. The concerns of this body are to be represented, expressed, and acted upon by GSA. This organization will not only care for the academic and educational standards of graduates but also will help further support the growth of graduate students through culture and beneficial planned activities.




Marshall University Japanese Language Program

Students study all things Japan, from culture, literature, and language here in Huntington.






Marshall University Muslim Students Association

The aim and purpose of the MSA is to serve the best interest of Islam and of the Muslims of Marshall University.





The Native American Student Organization


The Native American Student Organization works to promote cultural education as well as understanding amongst faculty and students at Marshall. Each time that we have a chance to showcase Native American culture to students and faculty we make sure we display cultural crafts, regalia, dancing, music, and a wealth of knowledge of specific Native nations as well as an overall culture that may be similar between most nations.




A list of Organizations on Campus:

For a full list of organizations at Marshall Univerity please visit

Arts and Media:

  •  Eta Sigma Phi– We are the Beta Upsilon chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, the national Classical honor society. We are committed to promoting an understanding of the ancient Greek and Roman world, both for ourselves and for our community. Contact Email:


  • Marshall Anime and Manga Association– The Marshall Anime and Manga Association is a club dedicated to the viewing and discussion of Japanese animation.  Contact Email:


  •  Marshall University Classical Association– We are Marshall’s very own classical studies organization! Our goal is to foster understanding of Greco-Roman culture, languages, and mythology, and have fun in the process. Contact Email:


  •  Marshall University Comic Book Club– MU Comic Book Club is an organization that unifies all kinds through a mutual love of comics. We bring comics fans together and form a community of readers, expand literacy, and work together to perform heroic deeds of community service. Contact Email:


  • Marshall University Film Club– The Marshall University Film Club is an organization dedicated to the individuals of Marshall who love watching, making, and talking about films. Contact Email:


  • Marshall University Game Design Guild–  The members of the Game Design Guild seek to better ourselves in our craft and create a friendly environment that video game lovers of all types may thrive in. We strive to pursue excellence in all of our endeavors.  Contact Email:



  • Office of Student Activities (CAB)–  The office of Student Activities helps Marshall students get involved in the student life. Throughout the year, we plan a multitude of events including but not limited to: concerts, comedy shows, off-campus trips, fan buses, free movies, and bowling. Contact Email: Contact Number: 304-696-2262


  • Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Zeta Eta– Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is an all-male social music fraternity. It is the only social music fraternity on campus. Contact Email: Contact Number: 304-380-7073


  • Photography club– Bi-weekly meetings where the group is given a randomly selected topic, view each other’s photographs, post submissions onto our Instagram page (@marshall_photo_club), go on group photography-oriented field trips. Contact Email: Contact Number: 540-664-1084


  • Print Club at Marshall University– The print club is an organization that promotes knowledge about printmaking and builds community.  Contact Email:,


  •  Religious Studies Society– A group for those interested in other religions, Religious studies, and expanding their horizons. Contact Email:


  • South Charleston Anime Club– South Charleston Campus Anime Club that meets every week and watches anime, discusses manga, and attends Tsubasacon.  Contact Email: Contact Number: 304-746-8910


  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization– The CEO is a student-run organization for individuals interested in hands-on business creation and/or acquisition through opportunity recognition. The CEO’s mission is to inform, support, and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial.


  • Delta Sigma Pi– Delta Sigma Pi is America’s foremost co-ed business fraternity. Contact Email:




  • Marshall University Graduate Student Association– The MU Grad Student Organization is an organization that is here for Grad Students as a support system. It is an organization that works for students. Contact Email:


  • Marshall University Healthcare Executives Club– Our main focus is on professional development for students interested in a career in healthcare administration. We aim to provide opportunities to build professional skills and relationship among peers, faculty, and healthcare professionals. Contact Email:

Club Sports:

  • Club Sports Association (CSA)– The CSA, composed solely of club sport participants, is the student advisory board responsible for interacting directly with the Club Sports Administrative Staff and acts an action committee representing all club sports. Contact Email: Contact Number: 304-696-4101


  • Ice Hockey Club– The Marshall University Ice Hockey Club is an organization that welcomes any student interested in the spot of Ice Hockey. Whether you are looking to learn, play, coach, or support Marshall Club Ice Hockey. Contact Email:


  • King of Kings Chess Club– Chess club for both, learning, and competing in Chess. Contact Email: Contact Number: 202-749-2141

Common Interest:

  • Black United Students– B.U.S. will foster the development of its members, by way of recreational programming, encouraging academic excellence and post grad achievement, responding to social and personal concerns, and being a voice for African American Students. Contact Email:


  • Geeks and Gadgets– Geeks and Gadgets is a strong advocate of free and open source software for all, online privacy, and helping people learn how technology works and how to better use it to aid in everyday life. Contact Email:


  • Herd of Love (HoL)– We serve the community of students with disabilities. The mission of Herd of Love is forming a commitment through a program working with students with disabilities at Marshall University. Contact Email:


  • Lambda Society– An LGBTQ+ organization focusing on offering a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and working to make Marshall a more inclusive place for all. Contact Email:


  • Marshall UKIRK– Marshall UKIRK is committed to being a welcoming place where one is free to ask honest questions and wrestle with their faith. Contact Email:


  • Nea Onnim– Nea Onnim is founded around giving students the opportunity to gain research experience regardless of discipline. This allows for hands on learning by bringing faculty and students from all backgrounds together to work on projects being done.


  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship– OCF is a group of Orthodox Christians and other interested persons wishing to establish a profound and lasting fellowship among ourselves and others sharing these interests, and seeking ways to dedicate ourselves and each other to Christ. Contact Email:


  • World Council– Marshall University’s World Council will give voice to students around the globe in an effort to establish a more enriching, balanced, and inclusive campus community as well all prepare to become citizens of the world! Contact Email:



  • Campus Collective– Campus Collective is the collegiate ministry of Huntington Community Church, a church plant in Huntington, WV. The leadership of the church decided to create this ministry to reach the students of Marshall University. Contact Email:


  • Herd4Christ– Herd4Christ is a campus ministry of the 26th Street church of Christ. Contact Email: