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MU Climate Survey

Participate in the Marshall University Climate Survey Here

The Purpose of the Research:

The purpose of this research is to collect information on the perceptions of faculty and staff at Marshall University related to the cultural climate on campus.  The term cultural climate refers to the way that individuals on campus interact with each other.  The information will be used to inform the stakeholders on campus about the campus climate and how faculty and staff perceive diversity on campus.

The Scientific or Scholarly Rationale:

Our campus has traditionally not be a very diverse campus.  The campus, as well as the surrounding communities, are very homogenous.  As we work to create a more diverse campus, it is important to gather data about the feelings and perceptions of the current faculty and staff in order to make decisions that are more informed.

The Procedures to be Performed:

A 15 question survey will be conducted using Qualtrics.  All faculty and staff will be invited to participate.  This survey will be anonymous and the data collected will be used to make informed decisions as the university moves forward to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusion campus.

The Risks and Potential Benefits of the Research:

There are no potential risks to this research.  Benefits include faculty and staff ability to make their perceptions known and for university administration to make more informed decisions regarding diversity.

All faculty and staff employed at Marshall University are eligible to participate.