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Planning Committee & Sponsors


Bonita Perry-Dean, Chief of Staff — HOPE CDC
Mattie G. Day, Grace Bible Church Secretary
Reverend Matthew J. Watts, President/CEO, HOPE Community Development Corporation
Mary L. Wesley, Assistant to Chief of Staff — HOPE CDC

Marshall University

Tootie Carter, Business Manager, Memorial Student Center
Beth Caruthers, University Relations Specialist, University Communications
Maurice Cooley, Associate Vice President, Office of Intercultural Affairs
Brandi Jacobs-Jones, SVP for Operations/Chief of Staff
Kelli Johnson, Associate University Librarian, Head of Access Services and Outreach, Libraries and Online Learning, Marshall University
Timothy Melvin, Assessment Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Burnis R. Morris, Carter G. Woodson Professor


HOPE Community Development Corporation
President’s Commission on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion at Marshall University
Marshall University Research Corporation