Larry G. Jarrett, M.A.

Retired Professor and Chairjarrett
M.A. Geography, Marshall University, 1965

Professor Larry Jarrett taught at Marshall from 1994-2010. His interests were in cultural, political, and economic geography with a particular focus on Africa, the Third World, and Europe. Professor Jarrett had more than 15 years of experience on the continent of Africa and eight years in Europe in various diplomatic and private capacities. This field experience in such diverse locations as Burundi and Sweden afford students unique opportunities to learn firsthand about real-life applications of geographic knowledge and skills. His most recent research projects include an exploration of how the Clean Air Act of 1990 will impact West Virginia in the new millennium and the status of the Tazara Railroad in Tanzania and Zambia.

Professor Jarrett is an enthusiastic supporter of Marshall University athletic teams and a member of the MU Black Legends Hall of Fame for his achievements as a member of the Thundering Herd football team when he was a student at Marshall in the 1960s. Jarrett is an avid sports fisherman, amateur chef, and viticulturist. He is most proud to be a grandfather to Belize.