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Note on MU Profiles

MU Profiles is a new plugin developed internally by the Web Team. If you encounter any issues with the tool please contact the Web Team at

MU Profiles is a WordPress plugin developed by the Office of University Communications for use on the Marshall University website. The plugin is designed to work with the university WordPress theme, Marsha.


The first step in setting up MU Profiles on your website is to create at least one Department by going into your WordPress dashboard and going to Profiles > All Departments. From there you can create a new Department and give it a name. You can create as many Departments as needed.

There are a couple custom options created for Departments that will change how your content will be displayed:

  • Listing Display - This overrides the sitewide Department display setting and controls how this single Department's listings will be displayed on your website. You can learn more about Display Options below.
  • Hide Departments - You may encounter a time where you do not want the Department displayed on Department listings or on Profile pages. If this box is checked, it will hide this specific department on all listings and profiles.

Display Layouts

There are currently three display layouts available as part of this plugin. You can set the sidewide display setting by going to Profiles > Display Settings. The available display settings are:

  • Table - This will display your listings in an HTML table with the person's Name, Title, Office, Phone Number, and Email (optionally) displayed. This is the default method. This is an example:
  • Enhanced - This will display a listing on the page that includes a person's Photo, Name, Title, Department, Email, and Phone Number. This is an example:
  • Row - This will display the listing on the page that includes a person's Photo, Name, Title, Office Location, Email, Phone, and a column on the right for a listing of a person's responsibilities. This is an example:

NOTE ON ROW LAYOUT: If you are using a Row layout and do not want the right column title to be Contact For: you can customize this title by going to Profiles > Display Settings and adding a new title in the Row Title textbox.

How Do I Show My Department Listings

By default all Departments have a listing page created at For example, the College of Business Dean's Office department's listing is automatically created and displayed at

Displaying with a Shortcode

If you want to display a Department listing on a different page you are free to use the mu-profiles shortcode.

The parameters for the rankings shortcode:

  • RequiredDepartment (department): The slug of the Department.
  • Layout (layout): This allows you to override the site or individual department Display Layout for this shortcode.
[mu_profiles department="deans-office"]
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Copy Code to Clipboard

Displaying Email Addresses

You can control if email addresses are displayed on Department listing pages and/or individual Profile pages by going to Profiles > Display Settings and editing the Show Email Address setting.

Linking to Profiles with Row Display

By default the Row display does not link to full Profile pages. You can optionally enable the Row display to link to Profile pages by going to Profiles > Display Settings and select the box for Row Display Link to Profiles.


Once you have created at least one Department you can start creating Profiles for individuals by going into your WordPress dashboard and going to Profiles > All Departments.

Information that is required for the Profile are just the name and position, everything else is optional. If a piece of information is not added it will not show up on the Profile page.

By default all Department listings will sort by last name and then first name. If needed you can override these by including a value in the Order field under Post Attributes when creating or editing an individual's Profile. The lower the number, the higher the ranking. So, if you want someone to be at the top of the list a value of -1000 in the Order field would ensure they come first.

Profile Lists

There are some default lists available including Education, Awards, Scholarship, etc. If no entries are added to those lists they will not show up on the Profile page.

Note: The Contact For list will only display when the Row display is selected and will not display on the Profile page only on the Department listing.

At the bottom under Lists you have the option to create any number of custom lists that fit your department's needs/requirements.

Removing the Word "Profile" in Title

By default the word "Profile" will appear at the end of all titles on the Profile pages. You can disable this setting by going to Profiles > Display Settings and select the box for Hide "Profile".


If you have any questions or feedback you can reach out to the Web Team at and we'll be happy to assist.