Documentary Project

“Seeds of Change: A Local Movement in an Appalachian City”

A Documentary project by Eve Marcum-Atkinson
And the Marshall University Sustainability Department



Huntington, WV has been “growing local”, stemming from a community movement in support of local foods, sustainability, a walkable/bikeable city, live music, art, and much more. This has developed out of an environment that purposefully encourages volunteerism and activism. Seeds of change have taken root in our people and our community, from the creation of the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH), to the Wild Ramp Farmers Market, to the City’s “Plan 2025”, as well as numerous area efforts in support of entrepreneurship and building a more sustainable economy. Many of these locally led projects are coming into full bloom, and it is beautiful.


I want to tell Huntington’s story by exploring our history, challenges and successes, how this local movement began, how these efforts have affected our community, how far we have come, and how we see our community growing into the future.


Several strategic projects, perspectives and events will be featured, including:

– Create Huntington, and the many projects it has fostered
– City of Huntington (Plan 2025, LandBank, Rain Barrels & Recycling)
– Local Foods Movement (WV Food & Farm Hub, The Wild Ramp, 30 Mile Meal)
– Big Influences (Pullman Square, “We Are Marshall”, and Jamie Oliver)
– Walkable/Bikeable Community (Paul Ambrose Trail for Health, Critical Mass, Burrito Riders, Commuter Bike MapProject, and a multitude of 5K’s, races and marathons)
– Community Pride (Huntington In Bloom, cleanup efforts, code enforcement)
– A More Sustainable Community (Tourism, Commerce, Small Business, Local Farmers)


Our growth has developed from an environment that purposefully encourages volunteerism and activism. By telling the remarkable story of our community and its local movement, we will:
– Increase Tourism to our area
– Attract new residents interested in becoming part of our local community
– Attract new businesses to our area
– Increase community awareness and involvement
– Increase support of our local businesses and farmers, thus helping to create a more sustainable and stable local economy
– Improve funding opportunities for community projects
– Influence similar change in other communities

For more information about partnering with this project, please contact:

Eve Marcum-Atkinson
Sustainability Research and Community Outreach Assistant
Sustainability Deptartment
Marshall University
Huntington, WV 25755
Office: 304-696-2992
Mobile: (614) 357-8533