MU Student Garden Hoop House

We have doors!We have doors!

Marshall University Sustainability Department in conjunction with the MU Student Garden is please to introduce the new MU Student Garden Hoop House. Made possible through the generous donations of the Beverly Hills Garden Club and private donations, the Hoop House is an exciting addition to the student gardens.

Hoop houses are beneficial in a number of ways including lengthening the growing season, protecting plants from extreme weather, and holding in moisture during drier stretches of weather.

Work on the Hoop house began in the Fall of 2016 and thanks to MU Carpenter’s Shop, Garden Club members and community volunteers we were able to get the majority of the work in before the cold weather of the winter set in. We will be planning on at least one more build day to finish the house and extend our growing year.


Putting in the screws to attach the plastic

The plastic is on but the doors are still not installed.The plastic is on but the doors are still not installed.