Water Conservation

Marshall University endeavors to conserve water through a number of campus projects and features.

  • Rain Barrels, installed at the Student Gardens, to utilize rainwater when watering plants, thus reducing city water consumption.
  • Low-flow faucets that utilize a half gallon flow as opposed to 2-3 gallon flow.
  • Motion-sensor faucets that minimize water waste.
  • Dual flush handles, allowing the user to choose to use less water when flushing liquids.
  • Automatic low-flow urinals, reducing water usage from 8 pints per flush to 1 pint per flush.
  • Green Roofs, used to both conserve heating & cooling costs, as well as to reduce our impact on the local stormwater system.
    Green Roof – Science Building  |  Green Roof – Applied Engineering Complex
  • Rain Gardens, used to divert rainfall from local stormwater systems directly into the water-table.