Otesha McGhee

Coordinator, Virtual Career Development

  • Develops virtual career development programs and initiatives to support individuals at various stages of their careers
  • Conducts virtual one-on-one career coaching sessions to help individuals assess their skills, interests, and goals
  • Coordinates webinars, workshops, and virtual training sessions
  • Collaborates with external partners, industry experts, and alumni networks to expand career development opportunities

Otesha is a persistent individual whose strengths are execution and self-development. Her attributes are encouragement, professionalism, and responsibility. Being an educator of the heart, Otesha’s creativity, and technological passions enables her to promote career education virtually.  Otesha challenges others to think outside of the common ways to be more efficient in the workforce gracefully. Her motto is to do your best, knowing that your best is enough.

M.S. Adult and Continuing Education; specialization in evaluation
B.A. Regents; emphasis on Early Childhood Education
AAS. Early Childhood Education

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1681 5th Avenue | Huntington, WV 25755

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