Get information on how the new CoRTEX Center can assist faculty, students, and the community in solving some of our greatest public problems. The Center’s name stands for: Community Research & Teaching Experiences with eXperts. The Center embraces the public good and strives to solve, through both quantitative and qualitative research, these public problems. CoRTEX is a unique group of faculty experts, determined to connect experiential student learning to faculty expertise, and problem solving in the community. Currently, CoRTEX is a central hub of both information and willing participants from the University and the Community, all of whom are engaged in public service, research, and problem solving. Faculty who wish to engage students and the community in solving our greatest problems, through their research, should contact us for more information about how to get involved.

Michael Schroeder, Director | 304-696-6643 | Smith Hall 742F

Damien Arthur, Director | 304-696-2764 | Smith Hall 739G