FLC: Course-Based Undergraduate Research (CUREs)

Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

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Facilitator: Dr. John Rakus, Assistant Professor, COS/Chemistry Department

Conducting research at a primarily undergraduate institution is a challenging task. Faculty need to balance teaching, research and service; often with an expectation to achieve research excellence but without the advantages of well-funded graduate programs. This presents an opportunity for faculty to think creatively and strategically about the relationship between their research and their teaching.

This Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is dedicated to exploring the ways in which faculty can achieve their teaching and research goals by providing course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) for students. Although more commonly associated with STEM programs, CUREs are employed across many disciplines. For faculty members, CURE courses can lead to innovations in teaching and advancement of their research programs. For students, CURE courses lead to increased understanding of disciplinary research processes and specific research topics as well as greater fluency in most, if not all, of the nine Marshall  University Baccalaureate Profile Outcomes.

Participants in the CURE FLC will identify aspects of their research programs that can be appropriately incorporated into their teaching load while simultaneously enhancing their research, scholarly, and creative activities.

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