HyFlex Faculty Learning Community – Fall 2022

The Center for Teaching and Learning invites you to participate in a continuing faculty learning community for Fall 2022. Faculty learning communities (FLCs) are one opportunity for faculty to participate in sustained scholarly professional development in the realm of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). Over the course of the academic year, members of this FLC will work together on the topic of HyFlex course design. While HyFlex (or hybrid – flexible) course design predates the educational pivot that resulted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a term that has since gained popularity. Partly because of this, it is also a concept with multiple definitions and many proponents and opponents. Participants in this FLC will explore best practices and options surrounding HyFlex teaching and learning and course design.

This FLC will meet several times over the course of the coming semester and academic year. Meeting times and location will be set according to participant schedules and will be offered in a hybrid format meeting face-to-face with a virtual option for faculty that cannot attend in-person. Sessions will begin in September. One goal for this FLC will be a presentation at iPED 2023.


Questions? Email ctl@marshall.edu or April Fugett (fugett5@marshall.edu, x65268).