Research Boot Camp for Newer Faculty

New faculty often struggle to publish research during their first two or three years of full-time teaching. A dizzying array of professional responsibilities certainly makes maintaining an aggressive research agenda more difficult than in graduate school. The key is to develop a new practice for a new environment, to isolate productive blocks of time for research and writing within a schedule that otherwise may seem out of one’s control.

Sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Research Boot Camp for Newer Faculty is designed to provide faculty the opportunity for focused, supervised writing time so that you may make significant progress toward the completion of articles, book chapters, grant applications, and other publishable research projects. You are a good candidate for RBC if you have data collected for your article, book, or study, and now need time, space, camaraderie or more productive writing strategies to complete your writing. Participants must clear their schedules, make a commitment to attend all work sessions for the Spring boot camp, and submit a work plan in advance of the first meeting.

CTL offers Research Boot Camp every spring term for new full-time faculty in their first three years at Marshall. In the space of seven bi-weekly sessions during the semester, RBC members engage in a total of 17 intensive on-site hours of research writing. Each session also includes time for individual progress reports and collaborative problem solving.

If you would like to make substantial progress on your research, then Research Boot Camp is for you! BYOL (bring your own laptop). CTL will provide high-quality energy foods (no Twinkies!). All sessions will convene in Old Main 109, from 2:00pm – 4:30pm, on the dates listed below (faculty at the South Charleston or Pharmacy campuses will be accommodated remotely via polycom).

Fall 2018 RBC Schedule:

September 14, 28 | October 12, 26 | November 16, 30 | December 14


If you have questions, contact April Fugett,, 304-696-5268.