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Pre-tenure Consultation

The route to tenure is highly individualized, not only because expectations differ across departments and colleges but also because faculty members can demonstrate excellence in a variety of ways. For this reason the Center’s Faculty Development Office offers a customized, confidential process to enable probationary faculty to develop and make use of a tenure and promotion (T & P) strategy. Together the consultant and faculty member will determine goals, identify what is going well and what might merit attention, and develop strategies for making the needed changes.

Probationary faculty may choose from several highly-targeted, short-term consultation approaches to address specific goals, or seek a more comprehensive overall assessment. In either case, formative feedback is the goal. The Faculty Development Office will not provide official, summative feedback of any sort to be cited in the T & P portfolio itself or in any personnel files. All feedback is confidential and is designed to assist the faculty member in improving performance over time.

Good times to schedule a pre-tenure consultation are one year before pre-tenure review or immediately following pre-tenure review.

If you would like to schedule a preliminary consultation, contact Karen McComas at or 6-2983.