Before Trying Ultra Preview

Welcome Back! As you enter your Fall 2023 Blackboard shells, you may notice this prompt to try the Ultra Course View

What you need to know: 

  • We welcome all instructors to explore and preview their course in Ultra, but keep in mind if you take the second step of the preview and choose to “Use the Ultra Course” it is not possible to return to Learn Original.
  • Also note, please do not transition a live course after the start date, student data will be lost.

More about Ultra: 

  • Learn Ultra is the version of Blackboard that the University will be upgrading to over the next year. We are performing a phased approach and all courses will be in Blackboard Learn Ultra in Fall 2024. 
  • Please review Design Center Ultra Upgrade Resources and feel free to contact us if you have interest in upgrading for the Fall 2024 term. Especially if you have a more extensive course structure.  
  • If you’re interested in preparing a course in Ultra for the upcoming term, please submit a ticket here and note that you would like to a development shell to prepare for the Ultra upgrade. 

Finally, Marshall Online and the Design Center are here to support you in this transition. As well as offering daily trainings, we have some on-demand resources available at 

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