CPT Online Training Module

Step 1: Review the CPT Training Module Prezi

Step 2: Review the eligibility requirements for CPT

To be eligible for CPT, a student must meet ALL eligibility requirements below.  CPT authorization is at the discretion of the DSO.  Click an eligibility requirement below for more information on how to meet that requirement.

To be eligible for CPT, students must be in valid F-1 status.

  • If you currently have a PENDING Application for Reinstatement to F-1 Student Status with USCIS, then you DO NOT meet this requirement.
  • If you currently have a PENDING Change of Status to F-1 Student Status Application with USCIS, then you DO NOT meet this requirement.

If you have questions about your current status, please contact the Office of International Student Services at iss@marshall.edu.

  • If you are currently enrolled in an INTO Marshall program, such as Academic English or Pathway, you DO NOT meet this requirement.
  • If you have completed Pathway and matriculated to Marshall University OR if you are admitted directly to a Marshall University degree program, you DO meet this requirement.

To meet the one academic year requirement, you must have been enrolled full-time for at least one academic year (a fall and a spring semester).

Typically, this means on a single SEVIS ID / I-20.  Please be advised that if you have reentered the United States on a new I-20 to regain status or after a Temporary Leave of Absence of more than 5 months, your “clock” may start over.

Full course of study requirements during CPT depend on:

  1. The semester you are applying for CPT
  2. If the internship or practicum will count toward degree requirements
  3. Your education level (undergraduate or graduate)
To meet this requirement, you must be enrolled in an internship or practicum course in your program during the term you will be completing the practical training.  To view course offerings in your program or by term, check out the Marshall University Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog and Schedule of Courses linked below.

Undergraduate Catalog

Graduate Catalog

Schedule of Courses

Step 3: Talk with your Academic Advisor about whether an internship course is available in your program

Step 4: Obtain an offer letter

Your employment offer letter should include the following information:

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Exact dates of internship / employment
  • Number of hours to be worked weekly
  • Physical address of employment (P.O. boxes are not acceptable)

Step 5: Complete the CPT application and submit your offer letter

I am ready to apply for CPT


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