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Marshall University requires all international students to have health insurance while studying at Marshall University. Insurance will protect you against the very high medical costs in the US.

Health Insurance for F-1/ J-1 International Students
We require students to purchase an insurance plan which is designed especially for international students (on F-1 and J-1 visas) while studying in the USA. To purchase your insurance, click on the link below and click “Enroll” by the appropriate academic term. You may direct any questions you have about insurance or proof of coverage to The webpage will provide detailed information about the plan, including Summary of Benefits and Enrollment Form.
Insurance for Students
Health Insurance for International Student Athletes
Marshall University’s Athletics department has arranged for a health insurance plan that is best suited to the needs to student athletes. If you are an international student athlete and you are responsible for purchasing your own health insurance, you may do so at the link below. Use access code RVT-51627. Be sure to send a copy of your receipt to International Student Services at
GeoBlue Online Enrollment
Health Insurance from Government Sponsorship
Students receiving receiving health insurance coverage through a government sponsorship do not need to purchase an Insurance for Students plan. Instead, provide an up-to-date financial guarantee or sponsorship letter specifying that health insurance is included and listing the range of valid dates for the sponsorship. Simply complete the Financial Certification form and respond to the Request for Information email to send us a copy of your sponsorship letter.
Financial Certification


International Student Insurance Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase summer insurance if I will be in my home country during summer vacation?
Can I purchase health insurance through a different company than Insurance for Students?
Do I have to purchase summer insurance if I am expecting to graduate in May?
I have an insurance hold on my student account. How can I get it removed?
Who can I contact if I have additional questions about my health insurance coverage?



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