Maintaining Status

Please review the Immigration Laws and Policies Prezi for details of your responsibilities related to maintaining your immigration status.

Next, complete the Maintaining Status Acknowledgement Form. Once our office receives this form, we will place it in your file for record that you have received this information.

Maintaining Status Acknowldgement Form

    Student Information

  • Immigration Laws and Policies

  • Please initial beside each statement to indicate that you have read and understand each piece of immigration information.
  • Confirmation




If you have any questions or concerns about the above expectations, please contact us at or come to see us in the Office of International Student Services in the Welcome Center, First Floor.

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Be Cautious of Scams!

If you receive a suspicious email or phone call, please contact our office immediately before taking further action. To learn more about how to protect yourself from common scams, click on the bolded text for information from Study in the States and USCIS.


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