Health Insurance Information

Marshall University requires all international students to have health insurance while studying at Marshall University. Insurance will protect you against the very high medical costs in the US.

We require students to purchase an insurance plan which is designed especially for international students (on F-1 and J-1 visas) while studying in the USA. To purchase your insurance, click on the link below and click “Enroll” by the appropriate academic term. You may direct any questions you have about insurance or proof of coverage to

Insurance for Students

The webpage will provide detailed information about the plan, including Summary of Benefits and Enrollment Form. The policy we are recommending cost around $100 per month (regardless of age), covers visits to the doctor’s office, medicine, hospitalization, surgery, ambulance care, X-rays and laboratory tests. This policy does not cover dental work or eye examinations and glasses. You should get glasses or contact lenses before you go to the U.S.A.