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Welcome to Huntington, WV! Below are some resources and information about the city to help you feel at home. Click here to view the Huntington, WV Community Profile.

West Virginia weather typically includes all four seasons: Winter (December РFebruary), Spring (March РMay), Summer (June РAugust), and Fall (September РNovember).  Temperatures can range from below zero degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Rain and snow are common, though the amount of precipitation varies from season to season and from year to year. It is a good idea to bring or purchase an umbrella, rain jacket, waterproof shoes, and warm coat to be prepared for a variety of weather.
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“Huntington is a nice small town, with very little trouble. The highlight of the town is really the dining options.” – Pratik, India

“I love living in Huntington because of the Marshall community and¬†small-town hospitality.” – Kasun, Sri Lanka

“I think Huntington is a beautiful town with a great community. Especially in the Fall, the town is colored by different kinds of maple trees. It’s a blessing to enjoy the view like this every day.” – I Chen, Taiwan

Huntington is within easy driving distance to the following US cities:

US City Distance Travel Time
Charleston, WV 51 miles 52 min
Lexington, KY 126 miles 2 hr 49 min
Columbus, OH 138 miles 2 hr 49 min
Cincinnati, OH 147 miles 2 hr 44 min
Louisville, KY 196 miles 3 hr 3 min
Knoxville, TN 273 miles 4 hr 23 min
Pittsburgh, PA 278 miles 4 hr 24 min
Indianapolis, IN 256 mi 4 hr 37 min
Charlotte, NC 317 mi 5 hr 2 min
Nashville, TN 338 miles 5 hr 42 min
Washington, DC 413 miles 6 hr 33 min



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