Financial Certification

Financial documentation is required in order to obtain an initial I-20, and for all subsequent changes to your program. Proof of financial support ensures Marshall University that you will be able to successfully support yourself while you are in the US completing your studies. The amount of financial support that you provide should show funds that are sufficient to cover your tuition and fees, room and board (including rent and groceries if you are living off-campus), and miscellaneous expenses such as books and supplies, health insurance, college fees, and other potential expenses.

Review the types of financial documentation

Types of Financial Documentation

The Affidavit of Support (Statement Section only) is required if funding is being provided by a family or friend.

On the bottom of the Affidavit of Support is a Bank Certification Section. The completed Affidavit of Support, including Bank Certification Section (with bank seal), is acceptable in lieu of a bank statement. Submitting the Affidavit of Support is the best and preferred way to show proof of financial support.

  • If funding is being provided by a person other than you, be sure to email or fax a blank Affidavit of Support to your sponsor for them to complete and have certified by their bank.
  • If you are using personal funds, complete the Statement Section and take to your bank in the US to be certified.
Click Here to Get the Affidavit of Support
If you are self-funded or receiving funding from a person other than yourself AND do not wish to complete the Affidavit of Support (above), then a bank statement is required to show proof of financial support. Please remember that bank statements must be no older than 6 months and show a current and available balance equal to or greater than the amount required for your new program (see chart about for amounts).
If you are using funds from a loan to fund your studies, you will need to obtain an updated loan letter from your financial institution. Loan letters must be dated within the previous 6 months.
If you are awarded a scholarship or assistantship, an award letter must be provided that indicates the amount of the award.
If you are receiving a scholarship or sponsorship from the government in your home country, you will need to provide an updated Financial Guarantee as proof of financial support.

Review the amount to show in funding

Proof of Financial Support Chart

Program Minimum Funding Amount
ELI – one term $11,271
ELI – two terms $27,566
ELI – three terms $32,566
Undergraduate – One year $38,624
*Undergraduate – One semester $16,800
Graduate – One year $40,452
*Graduate – One semester $17,714
Dependent Funding
Spouse – One year $8,020
Spouse – One semester $2,755
Child – One year $4,870 per child
Child – One semester $1,705 per child
*Estimated expenses for program extensions may vary depending on the number of courses needed during the final term.

Complete the Financial Certification Form and submit financial documentation

Please be sure to choose the correct reason for your Financial Certification.

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