Marshall University Faculty and Staff Global Outreach Ambassador

Program Mission

The success of the Marshall University Faculty and Staff Global Outreach Ambassador program depends on a network of volunteers serving in a variety of roles. This program has been established to assist Marshall University’s Global Education in fulfilling its mission to support the international recruitment and enrollment goals of Marshall University.

Marshall University Faculty and Staff Global Outreach Ambassadors commit to working together in the best interests of Global Education and the University, and not for personal, political, third-party, or financial gain.

If you would like more information, please contact the Assistant Provost for Global Education. We look forward to your application!

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  1. Required: is not a private educational consultant or agent for current and/or prospective applicants.
  2. Required: is a faculty or staff of Marshall University
  3. Effective communicator
  4. Enthusiasm for supporting Marshall University
  5. Agreement to all terms and conditions associated with the Marshall University Office of Admissions Alumni Global Outreach Ambassador (MUAOA) program.


  1. Understand expectations of a Faculty and Staff Global Outreach Ambassador, Marshall University, and Marshall University Global Education
  2. Be knowledgeable about the Marshall University experience, admissions process, and our admissions cycle
  3. Provide timely feedback to Global Education on the volunteer experience and needs
  4. Actively participate in volunteer opportunities
  5. Complete the required training
  6. Complete volunteer wrap-up items including promptly returning any items belonging either to the Marshall University Office of Admissions or Global Education
  7. Conduct yourself in a professional manner as a representative of Marshall University
  8. Abide by NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice ( In particular:
    • accurately represent and promote Marshall University
    • Refrain from disparaging comparisons of other secondary or post-secondary institutions
    • Do not accept or offer reward or remuneration from secondary school, college, university, agency, or organization for placement or recruitment of students in the United States
  9. Renew commitment annually

Description of Duties

  1. Ambassadors may be asked to participate in a variety of recruitment activities. These activities include but are not limited to:
    • College and Career Fairs: Ambassadors can work individually or with international agents at college and career fairs, providing academic information, application information, and valuable insight for prospective students and their families relative to becoming a Marshall student.
    • Admissions Events: Ambassadors assist admissions staff at international events, providing context to the Marshall experience and answering questions from students and their families, high school counselors, and/or community members by participating on alumni panels, assisting with check-in and/or mingling throughout the event.
    • Student Referrals: Ambassadors are an extension of the Marshall University community in various areas around the world. If there are prospective students that would make great Marshall students, please recommend them. A recommendation, however, does not impact the review of the admissions application of the recommended prospective student.
  2. Must return all items borrowed during volunteer activities. Ambassadors are subject to billing for the cost of any and all damaged or missing item or items (this includes tablecloths).
  3. I agree to comply with all University rules and regulations applicable to my work as an Ambassador including, but not limited to, BOG Policy GA-1, Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Sexual & Domestic Misconduct, Stalking, and Retaliation. I further understand that my participation as an Ambassador will be immediately terminated if any allegation is raised that I have violated this policy.
  4. Students or prospective students and Ambassadors are not to be alone at any time or for any reason.
  5. I agree to comply with the requirements of Marshall University’s Global Education designee directing my ambassador assignment(s).
  6. I understand and agree that I am a University employee and that my participation in these activities is voluntary and not in exchange for any extra consideration (e.g., pay).
  7. I certify that I am physically and emotionally capable of fully participating in volunteer service with Marshall University. I assure Marshall University that, to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief, I am physically able to engage in assigned activities (which may include but is not limited to lifting boxes of 10-50 lbs, standing for long periods of time, walking long distances and walking up and down stairs) without any undue or unusual risk to me or to others.
  8. I understand that good faith efforts will be made relating to my safety and good health. I therefore agree to assume and take on myself all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with volunteer service for Marshall University. I choose to voluntarily participate in volunteer services for Marshall University with full knowledge that it may be hazardous to me and my property.
  9. I agree to exercise common sense and good judgment and to conduct myself at all times in a manner that is appropriate to this type of experience.
  10. I understand and agree that Marshall University and I both have the right to end my volunteer relationship with Marshall University at any time, for any reason, and without advance notice.

Please view links below regarding policies to be followed by all MUGOA participants:


I'm ready to apply!

Global Education Contact

Dr. Zelideth María Rivas
Assistant Provost for Global Education


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