GSEM: Pollination

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Students will investigate pollination frequencies through a scientific experiment. They will draw conclusions from their data and make inferences relating their data to pollinator activities as a whole.


  1. Pollination Lesson [PDF]
  2. Resources
    1. General
      1. Get to Know Pollinators? [infographic]
      2. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Pollinators
    2. Bees
      1. Planting a Honeybee Friendly Garden
      2. Which Flowers do Bees Really Like?
    3. Butterflies
      1. Gardening for Butterflies: How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden
      2. Top 10 Flowers for Attracting Butterflies [Infographic]
      3. Growing up Monarch [Infographic]
      4. Milkweed: The Lifesource of the Monarch Butterfly [Infographic]
      5. How to Make a DIY Butterfly Feeder
    4. Handouts
        1. Busy Bees Worksheet – (Upload)
    5. Marshall University
      1.  What is in the Marshall University VIP Garden? – (Upload)