September 2017 Events

  • “Meatless Mondays” – join us in the “Meatless Mondays” challenge. Eating less meat reduces demand, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and our carbon footprint, all from changing one simple meal choice. All dining halls offer meatless options, too, so it is super easy.
  • EcoCycle Bike Loan Program is in its 7th year, so come on by and borrow a bike for the day for free.
  • Market Day – Wednesdays @ Student Center, 11am-2pm
  • Volunteer Days – Thursdays @ Student Garden, 4-7pm
    Come on out for Volunteer Days in the Garden! Each Thursday from 4-7pm, volunteers are invited to lend a hand at the Student Garden, behind Career Services,1687 5th Avenue Rear.
    All are welcome. 🙂
    For more information, contact:
    Angela Kargul, Lead Gardener,
    or visit:
  • Water Festival –  9/21/17
    We are excited to participate in this yearly event hosted by Marshall University College of Science. West Virginia celebrates the importance of water with daylong water festivals for 4th and 5th graders. The events are part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the critical need for water education. Water festivals include interactive learning stations and exhibits where students engage in curriculum-based, hands-on water activities. We gave tours of the Butter gardens, the Monarch Waystation and the Green Roof.
    Organizations that collaborate with the DEP to provide this fun and educational opportunity include the National Park Service, Army Corps of Engineers, and local watershed organizations.