2024 Alumni Marching Band

2024 Alumni Band Information

Registration for this fall’s Alumni Band is now open.

Homecoming this year is October 5th vs. App. State!

We are working on this year’s National Anthem special guest conductor and hope to announce it soon!

Game Day Information

The itinerary for the day will be linked here as soon as we have finalized it. Most of this information in the itinerary is for the current Marching Thunder members, but please take note of the following times:

  • Alumni Band Rehearsal Start Time
  • Re-Warm (meet back on rehearsal field) and Group Photo

Please try to be there for rehearsal in the morning so that you can run through the music/routines with us. This is also when you’ll find out how we are coming on/off the field and where we’re standing for pregame and halftime. It’s not going to be complicated, but it will help the process along. You’re all band people…you get it.

Alumni band members have not participated in the Homecoming parade over the last several years. However, the parade is Friday night this year and you are welcome to join us if you want. Just let Dr. Schletter know asap. That being said, we want to keep it simply for everyone and make sure you have a good time on Saturday, so you’ll be joining us for Pregame and Halftime.

Only the performing members will be allowed onto the field for pre-game.  No guests will be allowed on the field. The current Marching Thunder will perform the first half of pre-game through the big HERD spell-out.  Alumni will line up along the front sideline.  Once the band completes Buffalo Medley and turns back to the front, the alumni will move onto the field and get in formation. We will play the Alma Mater and National Anthem together in place.  Immediately after the National Anthem, we will play Sons of Marshall twice through (taking the repeat) from the beginning. At the beginning of the second time through, the 2022 Marching Thunder will move down the field toward the north end zone and the Alumni Band will come straight off the field. After Sons of Marshall, we ask that you immediately clear the field and find your seats. You are welcome to come over to our section to visit and play in the stands with us, if you like.

As mentioned in the previous section, Alumni will be joining us for our halftime performance. You’ll be performing September, by Earth, Wind, & Fire, as well as Sons of Marshall with us, after we perform part of our halftime show. Everyone should be able to access this folder here that has pdf’s of all the music, plus videos for guard and majorettes.
Everyone will be receiving a green Marching Thunder Alumni T-shirt the morning of Homecoming at rehearsal. If you cannot make the rehearsal for any reason, we will have the shirts with us to get to you before pregame. Please wear your provided green Marshall University Marching Thunder t-shirt for Pre-game and Halftime performances.
Alumni are responsible for providing their own instruments. Due to a lack of instrument that Marshall owns, we can not provide instruments for all of you. As it says on the website, we ask that you get a hold of your local high school to see if you can borrow one, OR rent an instrument from a local music shop. What we CAN do is provide percussion/battery equipment and possibly sousaphones. For our “front ensemble” folks, we have rejuvenated our front ensemble, and we can double people up on marimba, xylo, and vibes if you would like. We can also have you on cymbals or something if you’re okay with that.
Most of you are familiar with the area, but the best places to stay are downtown (Double Tree and Delta Hotels by Marriott). However, there are several around the area, especially just out of town on Hal Greer/Route 10, as well as by the mall.
We will be providing each of you 2 tickets to the game. I believe these are general admission tickets, so if you need more tickets, then you’ll probably want to purchase additional ‘general admission’ tickets.
There is no reserved parking for alumni. Game day parking will be available at various parking lots around the stadium for a fee.

Music and Visual Routines for Alumni Band

Click this link to download music and learn guard and majorette routines.

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Upcoming Wind Band Performances

April 18th – Final Wind Band concert of the year. Guest ensemble includes Cabell-Midland High School. Features the Marshall U. Symphonic Band & Wind Symphony.

All concerts can be found on our YouTube Channel here.


Marching Thunder Events

Fall 2024 Performance Schedule
Next season’s game and performance schedule will be determined in the spring. Please stay tuned.

31st – Home vs. Stoney Brook

7th – Possible Exhibition
21st – Possible OSU Game
28th – Home vs. W. Michigan

5th – Home vs. App State
17th (Thurs) – Home vs. GA St.
26th – Tri-State Marching Championships

2nd – Home vs. ULM
16th – Home vs. CCU

7th – Possible SBC Championships
Possible Post-season Bowl Game