Brass Section

“The Marching Thunder Brass Section is comprised of students who are always full of energy and enthusiasm. We bring warmth and energy to the overall sound of the Marching Thunder, which goes hand in hand with the warm and welcoming personalities of the musicians behind the horns. The members in each of the trumpet, mellophone, and low brass sections know that quality work is expected in every rehearsal and performance, but we are also always ready to provide hysterical laughs just when you need it! There is never a dull moment while a part of the Marching Thunder Brass Section. And of course, we bring our passion for the marching arts and Marshall University to the field every day!

We hope to see you join our brass section family, we can wait to share our pride for our community and the many laughs with you.”

Julia Birney, Drum Major – 2019-2020


Although there are no formal auditions for brass and woodwind players to be a member of the Marching Thunder, there are several Important Considerations always being considered of the members. Most obviously, the technical abilities of the individual are considered important to the performance aspects of our ensemble. However, there are several other qualities the staff and director consider during throughout the season and rehearsal process which are equally important. Some of these would include character, integrity, and attitude. Additionally, the members should demonstrate the ability to take and apply criticism for further personal growth and development, as well as the ability to work as part of a team in collaboration toward a common goal.

The Marching Thunder is a highly visible entity of Marshall University and we hold our members to a high musical and social standard.

The Marching Thunder Brass is made up of the usual instrumentation: Trumpets, Mellophones, Trombones, Baritones, and Sousaphones. Membership in the brass section of the Marching Thunder is open to all students of Marshall University and local community colleges. We welcome and invite your participation. We want you here! If you have any question regarding involvement in The Marching Thunder as a brass player your are more than welcome to reach out to any of our student leaders below. If you have specific questions for the Director, please contact Dr. Christopher Schletter.

The 2022 brass section leaders are:





Low Brass/Bari Sax


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Upcoming Wind Band Performances

April 18th – Final Wind Band concert of the year. Guest ensemble includes Cabell-Midland High School. Features the Marshall U. Symphonic Band & Wind Symphony.

All concerts can be found on our YouTube Channel here.


Marching Thunder Events

Fall 2024 Performance Schedule
Next season’s game and performance schedule will be determined in the spring. Please stay tuned.

31st – Home vs. Stoney Brook

7th – Possible Exhibition
21st – Possible OSU Game
28th – Home vs. W. Michigan

5th – Home vs. App State
17th (Thurs) – Home vs. GA St.
26th – Tri-State Marching Championships

2nd – Home vs. ULM
16th – Home vs. CCU

7th – Possible SBC Championships
Possible Post-season Bowl Game