Tri-State Marching Championships

Welcome to the Tri-State Marching Championships!
October 5, 2019
The Tri-State Marching Championship is one of the biggest and best marching contests in the area with a NEW NAME!  Students get to perform in the 30,000 seat Joan C. Edwards stadium for a panel of expert adjudicators.  Don’t miss out on this great performance opportunity for your students.

This year we are pleased once again to offer you and your students the opportunity to perform in the beautiful Joan C. Edwards Stadium.  We will continue to have four competitive classes with two awards ceremonies throughout the day.  We are also excited to continue to bring in world-class judges from around the country to provide you with feedback on your students’ performance.

2019 Performance Schedule

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All New Awards

This year we are excited to bring to you THREE new awards! The award goes to the highest scorer from their state.

We will continue to partner with CompetitionSuite to offer you a more streamlined approach to scoring and judges commentary.  CompetitionSuite is an online program used by DCI, WGI, Bands of America, and many other competitions that puts all of your information in one place.  You will be able to access your judge’s commentary within minutes of your performance, and all scoring tabulation will be handled directly through the software, eliminating any chance for human error.  This information will stay online and only accessible by you, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a CD or losing your score sheets.  We will send out more information about how to create your profile closer to the event.

Please click HERE to register for the Tri-State Marching Championships and secure your position in your class. Filling out this form and submitting it earlier will reserve your band in the later performing position of your class. Order of performance within each class is determined by application postmark. Earliest postmark performs last in class. The submission of the $50 entry fee will lock that position in place!