Marshall University Marching Thunder Percussion “Herdbeats”

HerdBeats is the The Marching Thunder Percussion section, which consists of the battery, auxiliary ensemble, electronic section. Membership is open to any student regardless of major and auditions for the battery sections membership (snare, tenors, bass drum, & cymbals) are held in the spring each year.

We have plans for this season’s clinics and auditions (all dates below). The clinics are open to ALL Marshall students as well as any high school student wishing to better themselves! All rehearsals will be from 9am – 4pm with a one hour lunch break and students should arrive no later than 8:45 to help with set up of equipment.

Spring Clinics Days

Our MT Herdbeats percussion clinics for battery percussion are available to any high school student who is interesting in learning more about the fundamentals and rudiments of battery percussion performance. These clinics are free to whoever would like to attend and will occur on the following dates from 9am – 4:00 at the Henderson Center Marching Thunder facilities:

April 13th
May 4th
May 11th (Front Ensemble included)

If you are still interested in joining the percussion section next fall, please check out the audition dates below. We look forward to having you all there!


Auditions for the battery percussion is open to all Marshall University students. There are no audition for the front ensemble, but we recommend coming to the May 11th clinic to start developing techniques and learning music. All new and returning students are more than welcome to audition for snare, tenors, bass drum, or cymbals. The line will be decided after the second audition date. The auditions will take place on the following dates from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Henderson Center Marching Thunder facilities:

May 18th
May 25th
June 8th (if necessary)

More detailed information can be found in the “Fall 2024 Audition Information” section below.

Students wishing to audition for the percussion section should come to all auditions prepared with necessary materials. We recommend that prospective members come with a binder with sheet-protectors that has the audition music and technique packet, an instrument and/or drum pad, appropriate sticks and mallets, pencil, water- bottle, sunscreen, and appropriate mask. If a student has any questions, they can contact Dr. Schletter or the percussion staff.

Percussion staff information can be found here.

How to audition for the Marching Thunder drum line:

  1. Register for the fall 2024 Band Camp here!
  2. The password to the audition material is provided in the camp registration submission message.
  3. Go to the audition material site here.
  4. Practice.
  5. Attend spring and summer clinics/auditions.

Additional Audition Considerations:
Several aspects of the candidate are considered during the audition process. Most obviously, the technical abilities of the individual are a primary consideration. However, there are several other qualities the staff and director consider during the audition and rehearsal process which are equally important. Some of these would include character, integrity, and attitude. Additionally, the candidate should demonstrate the ability to take and apply criticism for further personal growth and development, as well as the ability to work as part of a team in collaboration toward a common goal.

The Marching Thunder is a highly visible entity of Marshall University and we hold our member to a high musical and social standard.


Marshall University football vs. East Carolina University (ECU) at Joan C. Edwards Stadium on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, WV. September 18, 2021. (J. Alex Wilson)

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Upcoming Wind Band Performances

April 18th – Final Wind Band concert of the year. Guest ensemble includes Cabell-Midland High School. Features the Marshall U. Symphonic Band & Wind Symphony.

All concerts can be found on our YouTube Channel here.


Marching Thunder Events

Fall 2024 Performance Schedule
Next season’s game and performance schedule will be determined in the spring. Please stay tuned.

31st – Home vs. Stoney Brook

7th – Possible Exhibition
21st – Possible OSU Game
28th – Home vs. W. Michigan

5th – Home vs. App State
17th (Thurs) – Home vs. GA St.
26th – Tri-State Marching Championships

2nd – Home vs. ULM
16th – Home vs. CCU

7th – Possible SBC Championships
Possible Post-season Bowl Game