Q: How much time does Marching Band take? Will I have the time?

A: During the fall semester, the marching band rehearses Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM, and we hold Gameday Rehearsals in the morning of home games. Students rarely drop marching band because of time problems.  Our students see marching band as their time to get outside and take a break from the lecture halls and labs, play great music, and be among close friends.

Q: How many performances does the Marching Band have?

A: We play at all home football games and usually take the full band to at least one traveling performance a year. The band also performs at the post-season bowl games and we often perform at regional marching band exhibitions/competitions.

Q: How do I join?

A: Membership is open to all Marshall University Students.  There is no audition for wind members to get into the band, but there will be a small audition to assign parts during band camp.  Percussion, Majorettes, and Colorguard Auditions occur in the spring semester. If you are interested in joining please fill out our New Member Interest Form so we can send you more information as Band Camp gets closer.

Q: Do I register for a class for marching band?

A: All students auditioning for membership should register for Marching Band, MUS 266 for Freshmen and Sophomores and MUS 466 for Juniors and Seniors.  Marching Band is a graded class and each member MUST register for the class in order to participate in the band.

Q: What if I have a class conflict with Marching Band?

A: If a class conflict cannot be avoided, do not assume that you cannot participate!  We understand that there are many lab and course conflicts with marching band during the week.  If you have exhausted all other scheduling options, we do permit members to miss one rehearsal per week due to a class conflict (work and other personal conflicts are not permissible). Class conflict requests should be submitted via email to Dr. Dalton, daltona@marshall.edu.

Q: As a Marching Band member, how much should I expect to pay?

A: The University covers all travel costs related to participation in the marching band, including providing all hotel costs and food costs while on band trips.  The University also provides Marching Thunder members with their uniform.  Students will be charged a band camp fee of $75 to help with the cost of camp, meals, and other items throughout the year. This should be paid at band camp registration.

Q: How do I get into Pep Band?

A: Pep band is open to any Marching Thunder Member and all Marshall University Students.  During the fall season there are a few games that must be covered.  The full band is split into two groups that rotate to cover these games.  In the spring, the pep band plays for all home men’s and women’s basketball games.  Pep Band is a course that students receive credit for.  Any Marching Thunder member is able to sign up for pep band.  More information will be provided to students at the end of the fall season.