Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in a temperature controlled studio. The room is heated above normal room temperature, typically between 80 and 100°F (27 and 38°C). A heated environment can make the practice of yoga more challenging, but can be more beneficial than traditional yoga settings for improving flexibility, achieving greater range of motion, burning more calories, and improving circulation

If you have no health concerns and you want to try a hot yoga class, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout. Stop if you feel dizzy, lightheaded or sick in any way. Hot yoga is NOT for everyone. The intensity of the workout and the hot temperatures have the potential to cause heat-related illness. Be sure you check with your doctor before trying hot yoga, especially if you are pregnant or have any of the following health concerns:

  • Heart disease
  • Problems with dehydration
  • Heat intolerance
  • A history of a heat-related illness (such as heatstroke)

The Hot Yoga studio is located in the lobby area of the facility. Please be sure to check in at the welcome desk before heading into the class! Do not forget to bring your own yoga mat.


Hot Yoga Fitness Pass Prices (Standard Pricing)
Type Single 10 20
Member $10 $50 $80
Non-Member $16 $110 $195

*All Hot Yoga passes are valid 4 months from the date of purchase. The non-member prices include the daily guest fee.*


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