Pre-Professional Four-Year Planner

You must achieve and maintain a high level of dedication and determination to gain entry. It is your responsibility to work hard and persevere.

Admission to professional schools including medical, pharmacy, physician assistants, optometry, veterinary, and dental schools is very competitive. The following guidelines act as a reference to help you coordinate your efforts in order to be prepared to apply to a professional school in your junior year. The College of Science at Marshall University attempts to help students with a range of abilities become accepted to a professional school. Students are advised about multiple career pathways and if the grades are not high enough for medical school there are other health care areas that will accept students with GPA of approximately 2.70 – 3.00.

You are responsibility to go to the web pages of the professional schools you wish to apply to for all requirements and deadlines.

Since many of Marshall University students apply to Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall, JCESOM dates and requirements are used as specific examples.

Pre-Professional Planner

Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
Junior Year
Senior Year
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